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This week I’m pleased to host my friend and fellow author, David F. Ciambrone, Sc.D., FIOF

Dr. David Ciambrone is a retired scientist. He has been an engineer, oceanographer, professor of engineering, magician, U.S. Treasury Commissioner, environmental and forensics consultant (Coroner’s and police), manager and corporate director, a licensed Environmental Assessor in California and is now an author living in Georgetown, Texas with his wife Kathy.

He has published 15 books, and has a new mysteries in work. He has also written a handbook for mystery writers called The Poison Handbook for Writers. He has won awards for writing as well. 

Dave has been a speaker at writers groups, schools, colleges and conferences and business conferences internationally.

He has been past vice president of Sisters-in-Crime; Orange County, CA, and past President of the Austin chapter of Sisters-in Crime, a member of Mystery Writers of America, past Member of the Board of Directors of the Writer’s league of Texas, and is Past President of the San Gabriel’s Writer’s League in Georgetown, Texas and a member of the Williamson County Coroners. Dave is a member of the Williamson County, Texas Assessment review Board and was on the board of directors for the Chisholm Trail Special Utility District. He was also on the Georgetown Library Advisory Board.  Dr. Ciambrone also writes newspaper column and a column for a business journal. He is a Fellow of the International Oceanographic Foundation. David’s latest novel is:



           Eleven thirty in the overcast evening, a man of medium build, with thinning brown hair and wearing wire-rimmed glasses, dressed in U.S. Army work camo uniform, with a major’s rank insignia Velcroed to the front, entered the outer section of the Biosafety Level-4 (BSL-4) suites within USAMRIID. He returned the salute of NCOs he passed. He was careful to not let the security cameras get a good look at his face and avoided two of them altogether.

            After changing into scrubs and passing through more airlocks, he entered the Biohazard suit area. He took a containment blue suit off the rack and put it on along with the clear helmet and green rubber gloves. Stepping through more airlocks he passed through the decon shower and then another airlock into the BSL-4 suites containing the vials he was after. He checked the plastic tablet with a sketch on it directing him to the level II liquid nitrogen containment cabinet containing the stainless steel thermoses of the particular samples he was to get. He removed two thermoses and retreated from the BSL-4 suites. In the outer locker area he changed back into his camo uniform and stuffed the vials into a large olive green messenger bag with U.S. Army stenciled on the side.

            He walked past the guard station nodding to the sergeant sitting at the desk. Outside he got into his light gray, eight-year-old Toyota Corolla and drove to the base gate. The sentry saluted him as he drove out. He drove to an apartment in a rectangular red brick ten-story building and changed into civilian clothes. He transferred the vials to a small carry on overnight bag. Next, he drove into Washington, DC and parked under a tree three blocks from the Union train station. He went inside, bought a Washington Post newspaper, looked around, then sat on a wooden bench. He set the bag next to him and started to read the paper.

            A few minutes later another man, equally nondescript took the seat next to him and started reading the New York Times. He looked up when a train was called, folded the newspaper, and took the bag. He strolled down the corridor and disappeared into a crowd. A few minutes later a woman screamed when the gentleman with the wire rimmed glasses fell over onto the floor, dead.

Chimera is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble.com and the White Bird Publishing site.

Dave Ciambrone, Sc.D., FIOF


Columnist for the Georgetown Advocate newspaper

Columnist for the Central Pointe Business Journal 


Adam Thomas Series

    The Trashy Gourmet

    San Gabriel’s Secret 

Virginia Davies Mysteries series

     The Thorndike Murder–Virginia Davies Quilt Mystery short story 2013

    Murder At Webster Point Inn    2014

  Dangerous Threads

  Quest for the Crystal Skull

  Left at Georgetown 

  Castle Finlaystoke
Pelican Cove
Napa Nights
Laguna Treasure 


   Chimera   2013

Poisons Handbook for Writers New electronic edition 2013
Waste Minimization as a Strategic Weapon
Environmental Life Cycle Analysis

Effective Design to Production Transition 

 Dr. Dave and I would love to hear from you, so please feel free to leave a comment.  


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