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Today, I’m hosting one of my favorite mystery authors, Marilyn Meredith.

Me and Hap in church.


Marilyn has had so many books published, she’s lost track of the count, but it’s getting near 40. She lives in a community similar to the fictional mountain town of Bear Creek, the big difference being that Bear Creek is a thousand feet higher in the mountains. She is a member of Mystery Writers of American, three chapters of Sisters in Crime, and is a board member of Public Safety Writers of America.


In my Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery series, Tempe and her family have aged, but at a much slower pace than we do in real life. When the series began, Tempe was in her early thirties with a teenaged son, Blair. I’ve never mentioned her husband Hutch’s age, but he’s only a bit older than Tempe.

Blair has now completed college, works as a fireman for the Los Osos Fire Department, and he married in Not as it Seems.

Though Tempe and Hutch have experienced some rocky places in their marriage, neither has faced any major illnesses or accidents.

Not so with my friends and relatives or myself. In fact, I’ve reached the age where I’ve lost some dear friends, and others have experienced major family and health problems. I’m blessed to still have my husband and four of my five children, but we’ve gone through a lot together.

On the plus side, hubby and I still have each other after many years of marriage, and we’ve been able to enjoy not only many grandchildren, but also great-grandkids.

Because I love writing about Tempe and her family, I’m glad the aging process for her has been slow. She’s still young enough and healthy enough to do her job as a deputy. In fact in this latest tale, besides being mentally challenged by trying to solve a murder, she is also physically challenged several times.

I’m thankful I’m still healthy enough to keep writing about Tempe and her adventures, even if I have aged at the normal pace.


Seldom Traveled

The tranquility of the mountain community of Bear Creek is disrupted by a runaway fugitive, a vicious murderer, and a raging forest fire. Deputy Tempe Crabtree is threatened by all three.

Seldom Traveled Front Cover

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13 Responses to Marilyn Meredith – Seldom Traveled

  1. Marja McGraw says:

    Wonderful post, Marilyn! It’s really a shame that we can’t age as slowly as our characters. We age and life changes. They age and life changes in a whole different way. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. Looove your books!

  2. Terell Byrd says:

    It would be great if we could stay young as long as fictional characters! Great post!

  3. Maggie King says:

    Well, I still feel young! Thanks for posting, Marilyn. You always have the right touch.

  4. So very true! Our characters often stay the same age for many years. Not so with real life!

  5. It’s such a pleasure hosting you on my blog again. Loved your post, and I couldn’t agree more. It’s too bad we can’t control time in real life. LOL!

  6. This is one of my very favorite blog posts, so timely as I was looking back at old family photos. Am sharing it!

    • Thanks, Nancy, I wasn’t sure if it would appeal to anyone. Of course that hubby and me in the pic and we’re at church. Not sure what I’m smiling at, but going by the clothes I suspect it was a Vacation Bible School presentation. I love kids.

  7. I am so happy to be visiting you again, Evelyn. Thank you for the opportunity. Since I wrote this and sent it off we’ve been blessed with a great-great grandchild–and another is on the way. Live is good.

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