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My guest this week is author, Sharon Love Cook

Sharon Love Cook, with an MFA in Writing, has always lived on the New England coast, outside of a stint in Waikiki. The setting of her book, Granite Cove, is based on Gloucester, Mass., her hometown, where she has a writing/cartooning studio at the historic Blackburn Building, a stone’s throw from the wharf. She lives in coastal Beverly Farms with her husband and small herd of rescued cats. In February she released The Legend of Judgment Rock and other Mystery Storiesand is now at work on her second Granite Cove Mystery. Visit her website and see the Cape Ann seagulls:

Sharon’s new novel is, A Nose for Hanky Panky

It’s midnight in Granite Cove and only the sea clams are open. When murder occurs in the sleepy fishing village, reporter Rose McNichols investigates. Who killed Dr. Vivian Klinger, a woman who had everything but a sense of humor?

Here is an excerpt:

“I finally found the CD and, after inserting it into the computer, studied the photos. Dr. Klinger looked so vibrant. One close-up captured her polished perfection: wide, confident smile and dark, shoulder-length hair with a premature silver streak on the left side. 

In order to get that picture I’d moved in close on my knees. Dr. Klinger was at the podium giving her acceptance speech. She’d removed her suit jacket, revealing a crisp, wrinkle-free blouse underneath.  My blouse, on the other hand, was as creased as Granny Clampett’s butt, which is why I never take my jacket off in public.”

An innovative and entertaining  element of Sharon’s novel is Auntie Pearl’s Helpful Housekeeping Hints. Although you may not always agree with Auntie Pearl’s advice, you’ll have to admit that her hints are really helpful.

Dear Auntie Pearl:

Occasionally, I stay overnight with my mother, who lives in a senior retirement community. One night, when I got up to use the bathroom, I heard strange noises coming from her bedroom. When I checked, I found Mother’s fourteen-year-old cat drinking from the glass that holds her dentures.

The next morning, when I informed Mother, she wasn’t the least bit concerned.  Should I contact her doctor about this health hazard?

Flustered in Foxboro

Dear Flustered:

I consulted Dr. Emil Fetlocke, a highly regarded veterinarian. He said your mother’s cat is in no danger from drinking this solution as it is basically a mild, well-diluted cleanser. However, you ought to convince your mother to put out a bowl of fresh water, allowing the cat access throughout the night. 

Pleasant dreams!

Auntie Pearl


 A Nose for Hanky Panky by Mainly Murder Press and the new The Legend of Judgment Rock and other Mystery Stories, are available at bookstores and for the Kindle and Nook. Visit her website:

Sharon is giving away a copy of A Nose for Hanky Panky in either print or ebook to one lucky reader who comments, so please feel free, and don’t forget to leave your email address so she can contact you.. Good Luck!

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