Author T.D. Courtland (David Hayes)

This week my guest is author, David Hayes, writing under the name of T.D.Courtland.

T.D. Courtland has been writing since high school. Married for almost forty years, with three children, ten grand children and four great grand children. Favorite hobby is volunteering on the Boone & Scenic Valley railroad in Boone, Iowa. Spoiling the kids on the trains! Getting behind the throttle of a locomotive!

His new novel is, RUN IN WITH THE LAW, an inspirational romance.

Travis Austin was a man used to keeping things straight forward and simple. In his world he had the money and power to make things happen with a mere phone call or a spoken word. He ran his world of five star hotels with an iron fist and his reputation was all but legendary.  But that was his public image; not the real man.

In actuality he struggled from day to day keeping up the façade but inside he was lonely and hurting from the loss of his wife and daughter taken from him on nine eleven. He had no idea that a mere phone call was going to change all that. Going through the loss of his mother would open a door that would show him a different path. A path filled with unexpected love and compassion from a most unexpected source, the woman that wrote him a speeding citation!

Here is an excerpt:

She was easing up to the corner of Carson Drive when she heard it; the distinct sound of a big bore high performance engine. Looking to her right she went wide eyed as she watched a gleaming metal flake black Dodge Viper GTS coupe thunder down the hill towards the intersection.

The throaty growl of its high-bred V-ten engine rumbled from the gleaming chrome side pipes as the driver down shifted the car with practiced skill skipping a gear as he set the car into a perfectly controlled drift past her stopped cruiser.

 She caught a brief glimpse of the driver’s sandy blond hair and furrowed brow as he shoved the throttle down and rocketed away like a jet fighter catapulting from the flight deck of an aircraft carrier. She paused a few seconds watching to see if another vehicle came over the crest of the hill telling her this was a simple street race, but saw noting.

Her small hand stabbed the transmit button on the steering wheel as she spoke into the wireless mic attached to her uniform, “Bravo six in pursuit of a black Dodge Viper GTS east bound on Abrams from Carson. Speed only at this time.” In seconds she had the V-eight hammered spinning the car around in a cloud of billowing tire smoke as she hit her siren and light bar.

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Thank you David for being a guest on my blog this week. It was a delight to meet you and read about your new novel.

Please feel free to leave a comment, I know David would love to hear from you.

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