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  1. Lois says:

    Hi! I just finished reading this great book. Found it hard to put down once I started reading it. The interaction of the characters and the story line held my interest from the very beginning of page one. Looking forward to reading the whole series. I definitely will recommend this book.

  2. Veen Day says:

    Hi Evelyn,

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  3. Maia says:

    **Now booking tours for 2018!!**

    Hi there!
    I’m Maia, the with Silver Dagger Book Tours, an extremely popular book touring company and I wanted to invite you to tour with me! I’ve successfully run over 400 tours now as well as organize tours for 4 large publishing companies and usually have a tour or two kick off EVERY weekday! I have a very large group of bloggers that love sharing my events on their sites- most tours have well over 40 blog stops. I have no caps on stops- I try to get as many bloggers on board as possible for maximum exposure!
    I try to make things as easy as possible for authors and won’t ask you to fill out a bunch of long forms and such. I just ask for you to fill out a very short form and need just a few items to get started on tours, then I prefer to fetch a lot of the info myself to familiarize myself with your book all the better. I custom design special graphics for each tour to make a unique and beautiful layout that no other company takes the time to do!
    Well, what’s the cost of all this? YOU PAY WHAT YOU WANT after the tour is over! Yup. That’s correct- nothing up front, no risk for you. I simply ask that you “tip” me what you feel is fair after the tour is over and you’re satisfied with everything! Why? Well, I realize that just because you’re published does not mean you’re rolling in the cash! You get to pay what you feel is fair and what you can comfortably afford. I’m highly negotiable! This is not a gimmick – just check out all my current tours with happy authors here:

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    Hope to be talking to you soon!

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