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This week, it is my pleasure to welcome mystery author, Dorothy Bodoin.

Dorothy Bodoin lives in Royal Oak, Michigan.  A graduate of Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan, with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in English, she worked as a secretary for Chrysler Missile Corporation, which included a two-year assignment in southern Italy.  Afterward she taught secondary English until leaving education to write full-time.  Dorothy is the author of the Foxglove Corners cozy mystery series. six novels of romantic suspense and one Gothic romance.  She is a member of Sisters in Crime. 

The Door in the Fog

A vanishing blue door on the side of an old barn, acres of strange wildflowers, and a haunted painting spell trouble for Jennet Ferguson, but is it natural or supernatural in origin, or a combination of both?

Here is a short excerpt:

The shot fractured the morning silence, a single firecracker pop followed by an anguished yelp.

Someone was shooting in the woods.  The gunshot had come out of the fog, which was madness on a day with visibility reduced to a few yards.  My black Taurus had been inching down the lonely country road, navigating a series of curves a-float in thick white condensation.

 How could the shooter see his target?  What creature had uttered that cry?

In the back seat, Misty, my white collie puppy, scratched at the window.  She wasn’t afraid; Misty was never afraid.  But I was.

A stray shot could well find me inside my car, supposedly safe, traveling an unfamiliar woodland route because my usual road had been inexplicably closed.

Here is my review:

The Door in the Fog is a haunting mystery that keeps you guessing until the very end.

A cornflower blue door appears and promptly disappears on an old, abandoned barn. A wounded collie stumbles into the fog and vanishes. Another dog, fashioned of lightning, flashes in and out of existence. A cursed painting of a girl with collies wrecks havoc in the lives of anyone who owns it. The history of a ghost who haunts the new Inn.

There are enough spooky and irrational happenings in the town of Foxglove Corners to set Jennet Ferguson adrift in a sea of mysteries. And seeing things that aren’t there was getting to be a habit with her. When Terra, the leader of the Lakeville Collie Rescue League, disappears along with her collie and all the League’s money, Jennet and her friend Annica start sleuthing once again, this time undaunted by a psychic’s warning to be careful.

The Door in the Fog is another delightful novel in the Foxglove Corners mystery series with all the familiar characters and places, and a few new ones thrown in to make things interesting. There are enough twists and turns to keep the reader in suspense until all the mysteries are solved and everything is explained–except for the explainable–in a satisfying ending. I really enjoyed reading this novel and I highly recommend it to all cozy mystery lovers.

Dorothy is planning a November contest.  There’ll be three winners of The Door in the Fog in paperback format chosen at random.  Requirements are simple.  Sign up or be signed up for her newsletter.  The contest will end on the last day of November.

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