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This week I’m pleased to welcome author, Evelyn David to my blog.

Evelyn David is the pseudonym for Marian Edelman Borden and Rhonda Dossett, the authors of The Brianna Sullivan Mysteries, Murder Off the Books, Murder Takes the Cake, and Murder Doubles Back.

Marian lives in New York and is the author of 11 nonfiction books on a wide variety of topics ranging from veterans benefits to playgroups for toddlers! For more information on Marian’s books, please visit her web site at http://www.marianedelmanborden.com

Rhonda lives in Muskogee, Oklahoma, is the director of the coal program for the state, and in her spare time enjoys imagining and writing funny, scary mysteries. Marian and Rhonda write their mystery series via the Internet. While many fans who attend mystery conventions have now chatted with both halves of Evelyn David, Marian and Rhonda have yet to meet in person.

Murder Doubles Back 

Murder Doubles Back is the exciting third book in the Sullivan Investigations Series. For 10 years private detective Mac Sullivan has been haunted by the case of Amanda Norman, a teenaged girl who disappeared into thin air during a class trip. But someone is determined to stir the embers of that cold case. Each year Mac receives a postcard that asks a simple question: Where is Amanda Norman? This year, Mac decides he will answer the question once and for all. Join Mac Sullivan, Rachel Brenner, JJ, Edgar, and of course, Whiskey, the adorable and adored Irish wolfhound, as they try to uncover the mystery of a long missing girl. As Mac and his team investigate, a dark trail of murder and deception follows. If Amanda Norman is still alive, will Mac’s efforts inadvertently lead to her death? If Amanda Norman is dead, who keeps sending the postcards and why?

Excerpt from Murder Doubles Back by Evelyn David

“What’s that?”

The desk sergeant was new and from the expression on his face, Mac gathered he had never seen an Irish wolfhound before.

Mac glanced down at Whiskey. The Irish wolfhound was attached to the end of a long thin leather leash. It was questionable who was leading whom.

“My service dog,” Mac responded, not looking for a fight with the cop. He also didn’t have the time or patience for a long explanation. He’d already had an extensive discussion with Whiskey about why she should wait for him in the car. She’d made her displeasure known to everyone within earshot after he’d naively attempted to execute his unilateral decision.

“You sure that’s a dog? Looks like a small horse to me.”

Whiskey made a sound that a casual observer would have taken for “Huh.”

The desk sergeant narrowed his eyes. “Did she just….”

Whiskey stood up on her hind legs, resting her front two on the wooden countertop. She stared at the pudgy uniformed officer as though inspecting him for signs of intelligence and finding him wanting.

He blinked first.

“Who did you say you needed to see?”

“Lieutenant Greeley, Homicide.”

“I’ll buzz you both through.”


Lieutenant James Greeley had been Mac’s boss for the last ten years he’d been a detective with the DC police. Jim Greeley was a tall black man of few words and little patience for fools. He fancied designer suits, cowboy boots, and expensive cigars. Now that the police department had gone smoke-free, the cigars remained unlit. Looking at him, sitting behind his desk, feet propped up, and cigar dangling from his mouth, Mac was almost certain the man hadn’t changed one whit in all the time he’d known him.

Whiskey pulled free and walked over to accept the Lieutenant’s admiration and a scratch behind her ears.

“So what do you want?”Greeleyasked. “I’m busy.”

“I see that.” Mac pointed towards the visitor chair. “Can I sit?”

“Go ahead.”Greeleypulled out an ornate pocket watch and flipped it open. “Just don’t get comfortable. I’ve got a meeting with the brass in ten minutes to talk budget.”

“So I should dispense with the usual pleasantries?”

Greeleynodded. “Consider them said. Thanks for the early Christmas gift by the way. This one I’ll actually use.”

“I remembered what you told me would happen the next time I sent you a fruitcake. Actually I should probably confess…that fruitcake was one of about twenty that Edgar brought to the office. The old ladies in his neighborhood still keep him, and as a result, us, well-supplied.” Mac chuckled. “But since I’m fond of the particular body part that you threatened, this year I just sent over liquor. JJ suggested we reserve the fruitcakes for clients who hadn’t paid their bills.”

“Well one fruitcake in a lifetime is more than enough for me. I still use last year’s for target practice. Remarkable staying power.”Greeleyshifted his feet to the floor. “You’re here for a reason. Time’s wasting. Get to it.”

“I’ve got a new case. Actually a cold case. One of my old ones. I need a copy of the file and some security video from a gift shop at the Smithsonian. They’ll give it to me if you sign off on my request.”

“Smithsonian? Some kind of robbery? Do you have a case number?”

“Robbery, no. Case number, yes” Mac handed over the information he’d committed to memory a decade earlier.

“That is an old number. You and Lyle worked this? Give me the headline.”Greeleyglanced up from the note Mac had given him.

“Missing teenager. She was on a school trip to the Smithsonian.”

Greeleynodded. “Oh, yeah. Your annual postcard case. I remember. Kid went missing the first year I made lieutenant. Did you get another postcard?”

Mac nodded. “Came yesterday to my office.”

Murder Doubles Back – Review 

Dru’s Book Musings 

“I love this series and I especially love the latest book [Murder Doubles Back] where the appearance of an annual postcard of a missing teen from years ago arrives at Mac’s office which sets of an adventure that spiraled out of control with some surprising discoveries that made the chase even sweeter. Who knew that the action of one, will take this 10-year odyssey to a climatic ending that makes the team of Evelyn David one of the best prolific writers that I know. This page-turning, action-filled drama had my attention from the beginning and when that aha moment came, I was like “wow”, I never saw that one coming. This is a nicely woven mystery with some good fun humor, with witty banter; and the dysfunctional familial relationship that exists between Mac, Rachel, JJ and Edgar that is both engaging and endearing. A great read and I look forward to more adventures with Mac and his friends in this terrific series.”  – Dru Ann Love, May 26, 2013.

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Evelyn David Contact Information 

Website – http://www.evelyndavid.com

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/evelyn.david1

Blog – http://www.thestilettogang.blogspot.com/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/evelyndavid

email – evelyndavid@evelyndavid.com

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