A.J. McGuire – Sedition

This week, I’m pleased to have talented author, A.J. McGuire, as my guest.


A.J. (Aimee Jean) Maguire believes that stories are the bedrock of humanity and that the answer to every question in life can be found in the tales that we tell. She also believes that spiders are the spawn of Satan and that her cat might just be the reincarnation of Dionysus; if, of course, a Greek god were capable of being reincarnated.

Her first science fiction, Deviation, was released by Double Dragon Publishing in August 2014 but her writing runs the gamut between Fantasy, Historical Fiction, and (soon-to-be) noire. Her novels can be found in all the virtual retailers (Barnes&Noble, Amazon, and Kobo.)


Journey with Nelek Vronat Dyngannon, heir to the throne of Kiavana, as he fights to find the legendary Soul Stealer; an ebony blade rumored to have the power to free his lost mother. Dragging Trenna Croften in tow, his newest in a long line of bodyguards, the two struggle to evade the King’s faithful acolytes.

Their hunt forces them beyond the boundaries of their home and through the barrier said to lead to death. But all is not as it seems in Kiavana and someone forgot to caution Nelek on the effects of the Blade. Cursed from the moment he takes the sword Nelek finds he is no longer fighting just for his mother or the throne, but for the right to keep his own soul.

Here is an excerpt from, Sedition

“Should the worst of it come, take up my position and get the Prince out of here.”

Nelek snorted. “You could try not to speak of me as though I were not beside you, Dame.”

“Aye, Highness,” she grinned up at him. “But then I would not have the satisfaction of watching your ears turn pink with fury.”

He blinked down at her, unsure if he had heard her right. “Are you teasing me, Madame?”

“That’s Dame Trenna to you,” she corrected him. “And in answer to your question,” she paused and turned her attention eastward. “Yes, I suppose I was.”

“This is a new side of you. I’m not sure how to react.”

Flashing him an impish grin she patted his forearm in mock comfort. “The general reaction is a small smile, Highness. Perhaps a stifled chuckle. Or even the rare retort in good humor.”

His mouth twitched and he nearly did smile but he managed to keep his regal self about him. It was hard, considering the mischievous and rather becoming glitter to her eyes. Her hair was tied back in a tight bun, copper with the damp air and that damnable smile of hers was suddenly the most fetching thing he had seen in his life.

“Do you always go insane just before battle?” He found his voice somewhere, though it sounded choked.

She giggled, holding a hand over her mouth to try and keep it quiet. As prone as he was to thinking she had no real feminine tendencies he was quite shocked and pleasantly surprised to hear it. As odd and misplaced as their setting may be he smiled in response to it, unable to tear his gaze from the woman beside him.

And then the fire started in the east.


Buy Links:

AJMaguire Website : http://www.ajmaguire.com/

Amazon Home Page : http://www.amazon.com/A.-J.-Maguire/e/B004K5RHSY

Barnes& Noble Page: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/c/a.-j.-maguire

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  1. Diana J Febry says:

    Love the cover too. Have tweeted.

  2. Oh, this book looks exciting! I love the cover art too.

  3. HA O'Connor says:

    I really enjoyed the interview and the excerpt! Sounds like a really interesting read and I love the cover art!

  4. Skye Taylor says:

    What an intriguing snippet!

  5. It’s great to have you here. Sedition looks like an interesting read from the excerpt. There appeared to be an attraction between two of your characters…”And then the fire started in the east.” It makes you want to read more.

  6. AJMaguire says:

    Thank you so much for hosting me!

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