Jeanne Roppolo – Grandma Goes to the Alaskan Wilderness

If you think the snow is high where you live, today, Grandma Jeanne Roppolo, goes to the Alaskan Wilderness on An Excursion of Extremes.

Below is a photo I took of Jeanne standing behind her table at the Orland Park Library’s Author’s Event where I had the pleasure of meeting her and chatting about her amazing adventures, and the books she’s written about them.

In her motivational speaking engagements she conducts for children, teens, and adults, Jeanne Roppolo talks about her unusual life journey. This world-traversing grandmother loves to share her unique stories through her printed books, eBooks, study guides, presentations and web site.

About the “Grandma Goes to…” book series: Written for children, educational for all ages, and an inspirational read for the whole family. Visually stunning with 38 pages of color photographs. These children’s books meet federally-mandated, Common Core standards; a companion Teacher Study Guide is also available for each title.

Jeanne continues to relish life’s treasured moments as she travels to faraway places, meets fascinating people, and explores other cultures. (future books:Hawaii,China,Mongolia, Siberia & Russia)

Take advantage of this fun and unique learning resource. Not just for kidsBe inspired! Visit the web site/Follow her on Facebook/Purchase books and study guides/Hire Grandma Jeanne to speak with your group today.(K-adults)

Grandma Goes to the Alaskan Wilderness – An Excursion of Extremes

The grandmother who worked in Antarcitca and roughed it on a remote island in the South Pacific, learns survival skills in America’s final frontier.

Wander into the desolate wilderness of Alaska, learn necessary survival skills, appreciate and preserve the indigenous history and culture, enjoy the company of free spirits who call this state home.

In Alaska, they measure snow by feet not inches. The Williams family does not call it shoveling but moving snow-maybe because there is so much of it. Every day Grandma and her hosts moved snow. They moved snow off the rooftops of cabins, the plastic nursery, the chicken coop, and the wood pile. They created paths on top of the already four feet of snow to the various cabins, outhouses, and shower house.

Question: how do you run in four feet of snow? Well, you don’t; crawling gives you the best traction and gives you a better chance of yourself not falling through the ice and snow into the creek.

Grandma was thinking it was hard enough just getting your coat and boots on over your pajamas and walking down to the outhouse with your flashlight in the middle of the night. She couldn’t even begin to imagine having to watch for a bear at the same time.

 Grandma goes to the Alaskan Wilderness is available from Jeanne’s website:

We’d both love to hear your thoughts on this wonderful adventure series, so please feel free to leave a comment.

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