Jeanne Roppolo – Grandma Goes To Antartica.

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This week, I’m hosting author and adventurer, Jeanne Roppolo. Jeanne has written several  books about her travel adventures. I’m going to feature one of her unique travel books from Monday through Thursday this week. Below is a photo I took of Jeanne standing behind her table at the Orland Park Library’s Author’s Event where I had the pleasure of meeting this gutsy grandma and chatting about her amazing adventures, and the books she’s written about them.

In her motivational speaking engagements she conducts for children, teens, and adults, Jeanne Roppolo talks about her unusual life journey. This world-traversing grandmother loves to share her unique stories through her printed books, eBooks, study guides, presentations and web site.

About the “Grandma Goes to…” book series: Written for children, educational for all ages, and an inspirational read for the whole family. Visually stunning with 38 pages of color photographs. These children’s books meet federally-mandated, Common Core standards; a companion Teacher Study Guide is also available for each title.

Jeanne continues to relish life’s treasured moments as she travels to faraway places, meets fascinating people, and explores other cultures. (future books: Hawaii, China, Mongolia, Siberia & Russia)

Take advantage of this fun and unique learning resource. Not just for kidsBe inspired! Visit the web site/Follow her on Facebook/Purchase books and study guides/Hire Grandma Jeanne to speak with your group today.(K-adults)

Today, Grandma Goes to Antarctica: A Journey of Discovery

This is the true story of a 57-year-old grandmother who was stationed in Antarctica for five months as a contract worker for the National Science Foundation (NSF).  Grandma goes outside of her comfort zone, learns much about Antarctica and herself, has exciting once-in-a-lifetime adventures, and meets the most amazing people.

Journey to the coldest, driest, windiest and most barren place on earth. Experience life at the bottom of the world from the comfort and safety of your own home. Tag along with Grandma on her extreme excursions. Partner with the scientists and support personnel at McMurdo Station, the largest research station on the continent of Antarctica, 850 miles from the South Pole.

Excerpts and photos:

Looking out the porthole, Grandma and her fellow travelers got their first glimpse of the white continent of Antarctica. She felt like they were astronauts hurtling through space, waiting to explore an alien world. Grandma kept telling herself that this was for real. They were about to arrive at the bottom of the earth. What an extraordinary adventure! 

Grandma is afraid of small places. This is such a small tube, that you have to remove Big Red in order to climb down. But this was an opportunity that very few people will ever experience. Grandma decided to face her fears. She wanted this adventure. She did not want to have any regrets later if she missed this rare opportunity.

Grandma was first on the list for survival training, which is called Happy Camper. Basically, you hike to the middle of nowhere with all your equipment and gear. Then you learn to dig a snow trench for sleeping. Don’t forget to plant crossed flags at the head and foot of your trench so that Search and Rescue can find you in a storm. Plus a whole lot more extremely hard work. Your only luxury is an outhouse.

If you think it’s cold where you are, come along with Jeanne Roppolo in, Grandma Goes to Antarctica.

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Tomorrow:  Grandma Goes to the South Pacific: A Voyage of Appreciation



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