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This week, I’m hosting a fellow Wings author, Judith Boswell.

Hi, I’m Judith Boswell. I grew up on a farm in upstate New York as one of ten children. I have been writing stories and poems for as long as I can remember, but this is my first novel. I majored in Journalism and Political Science in college.

            I moved to Chapel Hill, North Carolina after I finished graduate school, where I work for a gourmet market and bistro. I’m currently working on a second novel, and I recently completed the National Novel Writing Month competition in November.

            My hobbies are knitting, reading, vegetarian cooking, and watching mystery shows on TV.

Judith’s new mystery is, The Junior Officer.

A dead body is found in a safe neighborhood in a quiet college town. The investigation that follows turns up some surprising connections to Chief Bret Skoal’s past, and the department suspects blackmail when a decades old videotape surfaces. Another body turns up in a possibly related homicide, and the list of suspects grows. While following a lead that connects both cases, the Chief disappears, leading Officer Lou Culpepper to spearhead an unauthorized investigation of his own.

Culpepper forms a ragtag investigative team that includes a sexy anchorwoman, a misbehaving dog, an alcoholic coworker, a chain-smoking detective, and a math geek sidekick. With his motley crew and his ever present I-pod, Officer Culpepper will stop at nothing to bring the killer to justice, even if he has to betray his boss and the department in the process.

Here is a short excerpt from, The Junior Officer

He phoned the prison to set up a face to face meeting with a bad feeling in his gut. After all these years, he couldn’t shake the feeling of guilt. Danny could have been any kid back then, he’d thought to teach him a lesson—a hard-ass cop on a mission. He thought he had gotten through to him too, but obviously…

“Culpepper,” he yelled out into the hall. “We’re driving out to Butner in an hour.”

“Yes, sir.”

He’d bring the kid. It would be helpful perhaps to have someone there with him, in case Danny proved unforgiving. That is, if he even remembered who Officer Skoal was.

Lou was excited about the road trip. He would use this as an opportunity to impress upon the chief his usefulness, his maturity, and his police chops. He had no idea why they were going to visit a prison inmate personally, but he had every confidence that there was a plan, and that he could be an implementing force.

First he needed some tunes.

Butner high-security was a flat and impregnable structure surrounded by wire. It lay low to the ground and looked smaller than it was, like a particularly dismal high school or a strip mall. On the inside, however, everything was blindingly white and labyrinthine in its scope and complexity. Security let them in immediately after seeing their badges, and greeted Chief Skoal by name. Lou had a suspicion it was much easier to get in than to get back out. They were escorted to a private cell, where they waited, Lou pacing every inch in anticipation, the chief sitting at once at the steel table, unloading his briefcase with files and photos he had brought along. The doors clanged open and shut and Danny walked in with his escort.

The chief was first impressed by how much the boy had changed. His face had hardened, frozen in an irredeemable scowl, his baby fat gone, his features could have belonged to a stranger. His arms were covered in prison caliber tattoos, his demeanor was hostile and slovenly, but he seemed at the same time completely at ease. He sat at once, kitty-corner from the chief, and stared at the wall across from him. The chief watched him closely in silence, looking for a glimmer of recognition before proceeding.

The Junior Office can be purchased from: http://www.wings-press.com/


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