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This week, I’m hosting author, Lydia Ponczak.

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Lydia T. Ponczak is a retired Chicago schoolteacher who is presently program director and host of a community cable television program. She is very involved in volunteer work in the community, for which she has received numerous awards. She claims being chosen first runner-up in a Ms. Illinois Senior Pageant was one of the highlights of her life, but the best highlight in her world is her fantastic son, Glen, and her unbeatable daughter-in-law, Joni.

   Lydia’s pastimes include reading mysteries, polka dancing, and she has been known to pull the handle a few times at her favorite casino. She lost her precious son, Jeff, at a tender age, and recently she lost her favorite polka  partner, Lee, her husband of many decades. She knows their essence remains at her side.

   Lydia is busy writing a psychological thriller.

Renee on the Run

The gritty mystery, Reenee on the Run, is a stand-alone sequel to Who’s After Samantha? bringing back the best friends, who, in their fifties are in dire peril from a criminal kingpin they thwarted  in their twenties, when Reenee pursued a Radio City Rockette career. The fast-paced mystery bounces back from the 1980’s in New York to the present time in the Chicago suburbs. The women’s husbands have no inkling of their wives’ involvement or the havoc about to explode in their secure lives. With hunky Deputy Chief David Kelly back in the picture, do marriages survive or crumble after the harrowing and wild experiences?

Here is a short excerpt:

“Happy New Year!” I held up my wine glass and toasted the cats at the stroke of midnight. Before they could meow their answer, an ear-shattering boom startled me. I spilled the large flute of Moscato over my hands and onto the new bedroom floor. The startled cats pounced on Darling Harry, asleep since 9 PM, New Year’s Eve or no New Year’s Eve. He sat up in bed like he was shot out of a cannon.

   “What the hell was that, Samantha…damn kids shooting off fireworks…what time is it anyway?”

   Before I could answer, he punched his pillow, rearranged his bedclothes, pushed the two cats off the bed and went back to his date with Mr. Sandman. Darling’s sleep remained more important to him than calming the fears about thunderous, unexpected noises heard by his more-or-less devoted wife of some twenty-five years.

   Avoiding the cats that were now underfoot, slurping up the spilled wine from the hardwood floor, I rushed to the bedroom window. No mangled car greeted my anxious eyes; my baby greens spotted no kids shooting off fireworks or guns to celebrate the New Year. No aliens from outer space had parked their mother ship on the lawn.

   What the heck, I thought. I got up on tippy-toes, looked down closer to the house, and caught my breath.

   “Oh, dear, lord,” I whispered.

   A man’s body lay sprawled across the front lawn. The moon shone like a spotlight on the blood that oozed onto the snow, which had fallen earlier in the evening.




Visit Lydia on Facebook or on her website: Reenee on the Run and her first mystery, Who’s After Samantha, are both available at  libraries and through

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32 Responses to Lydia Ponczak – Reenee on the Run

  1. Jim Kozicki says:


    Finished “Reenee on the Run” last night and managed to publish a review of the work on the Amazon site. Nice going! Hope to see you at the “second launch” in Oak Forest.
    I’ll no doubt request an autograph inside my copy of your book.


  2. Someone Else's Hunky Husband says:

    Lydia – Your books are delightful, you are delightful, and this comment is just delightful!

    Great job on SELF PUBLISHING your 2nd book. It is quite an accomplishment and anyone who knows you, you should marvel at your dedication, smarts, and good looks too! 😉

    Delightfully enthused,
    Someone Else’s Hunky Husband

    • Dear Someone Else’s Hunky Husband: Someone Else is so lucky to have a Hunky Husband! I always appreciate enthusiastic comments, especially from hunks. You remind me of Detective David Kelly and Restaurant Owner Rick, the hunky guys in both of my books. I hope you’re not my only male reader. Thank you loads for taking time out to reply.

  3. Mrs D’Antino: I deeply appreciate your effusive and complimentary comments! I should hire you as my publicity agent! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your good wishes and flattering remarks. You’ve made me blush! I hope you enjoy “Reenee on the Run” as much as I enjoyed writing it. I am busy on Book 3 which will not be part of the series, but a dark psychological thriller. I scare myself sometimes when I reread scenes to edit! As for the cover, both book covers were created by my brother, Carl Tocwish. Thank you for asking. And as we polka enthusiasts say, “Hoya, hoya!!”

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