Mary Jean Kelso – One Family’s Christmas

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This second week of December, I’m hosting author, Mary Jean Kelso

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Mary Jean Kelso is a multi-genre’ author. Her children’s books include a dozen or more titles. She is, also, the author of four young adult novels and several adult novels. Her only factual book is, A Visual History Record of Alamo Defender Gordon Cartwright Jennings’ Family (co-authored with her daughter, Wendy Whiteman).

Several of her children’s books are available in braille through Xavier Society for the Blind ( and The Anna B. Repicky Foundation (

Mary Jean contributes to National newspapers and magazines and was an Asst. Editor prior to concentrating on fiction. She has  received awards from The Nevada Press Assn. and The National Press Assn. She is a member of the Alamo Defenders Descendants Association, the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, The Alamo Society and Made in Nevada —

One Family’s Christmas

After a family’s star for their Christmas tree is destroyed they search for another ornament to top the tree. They resurrect the treetop angel carried across The Oregon Trail by a young pioneer and bring the story of The Christmas Angel full circle. Suggested age for readers: 4-12.


Fernley Author, Mary Jean Kelso, recently received word that two of her books were now in English Braille. A copy of the translation into braille of her children’s book, Andy and the Albino Horse arrived this week. One Familys Christmas is also available in braille.

 Kelso who writes for children, tweens, young adults and adults has been published in  many formats including ebooks, hardbacks, paperbacks and audio. These are the first braille editions. The books will be used to teach blind children how to read.

 “I am very excited to know that my writing is touching sightless children and adults,” Kelso said. “I hope the books bring them much joy!”

  The New York City organization, Xavier Society for the Blind (, has been serving the blind since 1900. The data for the books is stored in “the mind of the computer,” according to a spokesperson at Xavier. The books are produced when a client orders a book listed in their library.

Xavier also works with the Talking Books for the Blind and does inter-library loan. They are listed in the National Library Service.

Kelso’s books are also available through The Anna B. Repicky Foundation. The Foundation is based on the idea that “children become readers on the laps of their parents,” according to a quote by Emilie Buchwald on their website (

The goal of the Anna B. Repicky Foundation is to provide a print book and a braille copy to clients so the sighted and non-sighted in families and classrooms can read together.

The two organizations have teamed up to expand the number of books available through their libraries. The books are provided to the clients to keep without charge.

 “One of my uncles was blind. My best friend of many years is blind. I have seen the struggles the blind have to live a fulfilled life. If even one child learns to read because he or she enjoys one of my books, I am very happy about that,” Kelso said.

Visit Mary Jean on the Web at,,!/pages/Mary-Jean-Kelso-Author/197511410282689, or

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7 Responses to Mary Jean Kelso – One Family’s Christmas

  1. As someone who cares a lot about people with Special Needs, I appreciate all you do.

    • Thanks, Jan!
      There is so much more out there these days that is offered to help these kids! My
      small contribution is tiny compared with the overall scheme of things.
      BTW, did you know some of my GAP books are in Braille now to teach kids how to read. I was very pleased to hear that!


  2. Marja McGraw says:

    You’re a very busy woman, and I commend you for all that you do. Thank you so much for sharing your story and accomplishments!

  3. Thank you so much, Evelyn, for posting One Family’s Christmas on your blog! I am pleased that you are sharing the information with your readers.

    Thank you, Anna — your kind words are much appreciated.

    Mary Jean

  4. Sounds like a touching Christmas story for children and their families. Thanks for telling us about it Mary Jean. Thanks for posting Evelyn. Cheers!

  5. Thanks for being a guest author on my blog this week, Mary Jean.

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