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On this third week of December, I’m hosting author, Nancy G. West


Nancy studied business administration and English lit and is ambidexterous, which explains a lot. While writing her serious suspense novel, Nine Days to Evil, character Aggie Mundeen popped up and demanded that Nancy write a book about her…or maybe a series. Thus, the Aggie Mundeen mystery series was born. Aggie and Nancy still clash brains, but they’ve enjoyed every minute. Detective Sam, Aggie’s love interest, is a little nervous….Anyone who dreads aging, tries to stay fit or has loved the wrong man should appreciate Aggie Mundeen.

Dang Near Dead

Aggie and friends frolic on a dude ranch vacation with cowboys, dudes, heat, snakes, poison ivy, buried secrets and dangerous wranglers. When an expert rider flies off a horse and lies in a coma, Aggie believes it was no accident. Despite Sam’s warnings, Aggie probes secrets of the ranch, her ingenious methods strain her dicey relationship with Sam, and they discover that Home on the Range means murder.

Here is an excerpt.

They see the ranch:

                “We topped the hill and saw the entrance gate, bracketed on both sides by an eight-strand wire fence.  A four-by-eight-foot wood plank sign hung between wide gateposts.  BVSBar Ranch was scorched into the wood.  When our front wheels bumped over the first iron pipe of the cattle guard, the gate swung open.  A winding ranch road curved ahead.  Sun sparkling on limestone crushed into dirt beckoned us toward whatever lurked around the next bend….”

                Aggie and Meredith meet their cabin mates at the ranch:

                Chubby arms jingling with charm bracelets protruding from a floating tent of gauzy iridescent orange swept into the room.  Bleached hair tied high in a pom-pom bounced above crinkly, kohl-rimmed eyes and fire engine red lips.

                “Well, hellooo,” the apparition said. “We thought our suite mates would never come. I’m Jan Meisner, ‘Jangles’ for short.”

                A glow of southwestern turquoise flashed into the  room hanging on one of Jangles’ roommates.

                “I told Jangles not to wear those floatin’ hostess pajamas,”  she barked.  “This is a ranch. If she gets near brush, she’ll get snagged and leave half herself in the bushes.  I’m Rhonda Stone. They call me Stoney.  If we’re going to fit in at this ranch, we need to dress like it. We don’t want these ranchers to think we’re dudes.”  Stoney shook our hands like she was pumping a well.

                We heard a shriek from their cabin and rushed in to find their third roommate cringing on top of the wood table, clasping her knees.

                “There are bugs on my mattress! I’m sure they bite.  How can I possibly sleep on that foul pallet?”

                “Get over it, Mildred,”  Stoney said.  “We’ll knock ’em off your bed.”  Stoney turned to us and spiked her thumb toward the agitated woman.  “This is Millie Dietert.  She’s never been outside Dallas.”

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DANG NEAR DEAD, Aggie Mundeen Mystery #2                                                                                      Must Read.” Southern Writers’ Magazine November/December 2014

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  3. Marja McGraw says:

    Good excerpt. I wish my TBR stack was shorter. I’ll add this to my list. : )

  4. Anna Celeste, thanks for reading the post and for putting me on your TBR list.

  5. Evelyn,
    Thanks for having me! I love mystery romance and romantic suspense novels, so I’ll be looking for your book. Like you, I play the piano. But it only seems to happen about every six months (Dang Near Dormant.)

    • I know what you mean about playing the piano every six months. I have a lovely one that sits dormant in my living room most of the year while I use my time to write, instead of to play.

  6. Nice excerpt, Nancy…on my TBR.

    Great post, Evelyn, enjoying your book…

  7. Great post Evelyn. Nice excerpt, Nancy…on my TBR.

    Enjoying your book, Evelyn!

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