Bariloche, Argentina is the setting for Masterpiece of Murder. Here are some photos of the places mentioned in the novel.

Bariloche has been called the gateway to Patagonia. Snow-capped mountains, glaciers, dense woods and crystalline lakes have made its spectacular natural environment into one of Argentina’s major outdoor recreation areas.

In summer the sun and the warm temperature is the right excuse to walk the paths and lakes. You can practice all kind of sports such as trekking, rafting, fly-fishing, or diving. In winter it’s the definitive place for skiers who come from all over the world. Bariloche is also known for its exquisite regional and international cuisine.

                                                          Bariloche Cathedral

The neogothic Cathedral of San Carlos de Bariloche had its structure completed in 1947. It’s architect, Alejandro Bustillo also projected other buildings in Bariloche such as the Civic Center,  and the hotel Llao Llao.

                                              EL Centro Civico (Civic Center)

The Centro Civico groups several buildings around a central square. It’s stone and timber construction represents the unique style of Bariloche’s buildings.

                                                         Llao Llao Resort Hotel

The Llao Llao Hotel is known world-wide for being Barioche’s most luxurious resort, with large gardens and a golf course.

Llao Llao Resort Hotel

Here is another view of the hotel that’s located on a hill between Lake Nahuel Huapi and Lake Moreno.

                                                      Closeup view of the hotel.

                                                       Mitre Street in Bariloche.

The most important commercial center of the city is Mitre street where you can find chocolates, handcrafts, restaurants, tourist agencies, etc. It is also knows as The Street of Chocolate Dreams.

                         Model for the Master Artist’s House by Lake Nahuel Haupi.

                                       The shoreline along Lake Nahuel Haupi