Recap of 2015


2015 was another interesting year for me as an author, and as the host of a writer’s blog.

As an author, I didn’t have a new book released. But the contract ended for my mystery novel, Love, Lies and Murder with Wings ePress, and I didn’t renew it. Now I’m working on rewriting it. I hope to have the new version released sometime in January, 2016.

I was on two author panels at the Love Is Murder Writers Conference in February, where my latest mystery, Once Upon a Crime was nominated for the Lovey Award for best romantic suspense novel. Unfortunately, it didn’t win.

I’m sad to announce that after this year, all future Love Is Murder conferences have been cancelled. It was fun. I met a lot, and befriended some, of the great mystery authors who have attended the conferences over the years. It had a great run while it lasted. It will be missed.

As a blogger, I introduced many new and talented writers, and welcomed back some old friends. I’ve read and reviewed many of the novels that were featured.

I’d like to give all my guest authors a heartfelt thank you for being on my blog. As a bonus, I’m going to “tweet” each of your blog posts every day until the end of the year.

Here is a list of the awesome authors, and their wonderful novels, who appeared in 2015:

Sharon Love Cook – A Deadly Christmas Carol

Kevin Richardson – What If?

Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli – Snoop to Nuts

Patricia Gligor – Desperate Deeds, Unfinished Business, Mixed Messages & Mistaken Identity

Ralph Horner – Midnight Mist

EM Kaplan – Dim Sum, Dead Some

Jeannette de Beauvoir – Asylum

Marcia Meara – A Boy Named Rabbit  & Finding Hunter

Anne Rothman Hicks and Kenneth Hicks – Praise Her, Praise Diana

Dr. Betty Jean Craige – Downstream

F.M. Meredith – Violent Departures

Penny Peterson – Roses Are Dead My Love

Jan Christensen – A Broken Life: A Lighter-Side Mystery

Peggy Hanson – Deadline Yemen

Suzanne Burke – Logan & The Mystical Collar

L. Nahay – Red Moonglow on Snow

Jeanne Meeks – Gator Bait

Jackie Taylor Zortman – Footprints in the Frost

Marilyn Meredith – Not As It Seems

Cheryl Hallon – Pane and Suffering

M. E. May – Purged

Maggie Kast – A Free, Unsullied Land

Gerri Ferris Finger – Running with Wild Blood

Patricia Skalka – Death at Gills Rock

Carl Brookins – The Case of the Yellow Diamond

Anna Celeste Burke – Cowabunga Christmas

Jane Risdon – Wishing on a Star/Merry Christmas Everybody 

As always, I’d love to hear from you, so please feel free to leave a comment.

About Evelyn Cullet

I write mystery romance and romantic suspense novels. I’m an avid organic gardener, and I play the piano. I have a spoiled Black Lab mix., Bailey, whom I adore. Visit my blog every Monday to discover new authors and their novels at:

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6 Responses to Recap of 2015

  1. M.M. Gornell says:

    Happy New Year, Evelyn–you’ve had a great year–recognize many names, a great list of authors! Wonderful you spotlight so many.

  2. Jane Risdon says:

    Evelyn thanks so much for kindly hosting me on your blog. I loved every minute and enjoy reading about your other author guests and your own career as a writer. Whenever you’d like me to return the favour, do let me know. I wish you, your career and your family and friends here a very happy and healthy 2016. I look forward to continuing our friendship here. Love and thanks, Jane.

    • Thanks so much, Jane. I loved having you as my guest. Anytime you’d like to return, just email me. Hope your new year is filled with lots of book sales. Your writing is just wonderful.

  3. Thank you for the mention and the tweets! We small press authors need all the help we can get in promoting our books and it warms my heart when we help each other.

    • You’re welcome, Pat. When I first started out, there were so many authors who helped me, you being one of them. I’m just paying it forward. Hope your new year is filled radiant good health, fabulous wealth, and with lots of book sales.
      Thanks for stopping by.

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