Robin Cain

This week I’m delighted to host my friend and fellow author, Robin Cain.

Robin Cain lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband, two dogs, two horses and donkey. As a novelist, she spends her days searching for the perfect words to amuse, enlighten and touch her readers.   


A software genius with a knack for business, Frank Campelletti’s been living the dream his whole life. He’s amassed money, success, and is now accumulating women, but someone thinks he’s gone too far. 

Who is seeking revenge and why? His wife? His mistress? Or the shadow who’s been following his every move?

Just when he thinks he has anticipated his opponent’s next move, a  car accident leaves him paralyzed, his life’s work is being stolen and his wife has disappeared. Just how far will someone go to teach him the correlation between deception and despair?

WHEN DREAMS BLEED examines temptation and the ensuing consequences in a contemporary world. It’s no secret that dreams come at a price, but what happens WHEN DREAMS BLEED?

                            Prologue to WHEN DREAMS BLEED

EXACTLY ONE-THIRD of a living, breathing human being once

upon a time, she is now, she believes, exactly one-third of a dead one.

Her no-good father—may he rot in hell—had made certain of that.


As part of her daily ritual, she pulls the paper from the back of

the book she’d stolen long ago from one of her foster parents’ houses,

carefully unfolds it and proceeds to read it aloud to the empty room:



A Los Angeles man, accused of fatally

beating his 10-year-old son, was

charged with first-degree manslaughter

on Sunday.

The man, Marcus Lewis, 30, told the

police that he beat his son, Franklin,

on Friday evening, the authorities

said. One of a set of mixed triplets,

Franklin had been fighting with

his identical twin brother, Mr. Lewis

told police. According to the fraternal

twin sister, one of Mr. Lewis’ blows

was so strong it sent the boy flying

across the apartment, the police said.

After the boy hit his head against a

wall and lost consciousness, Mr. Lewis

called an ambulance, they said. The

boy was taken to San Marcos Medical

Center, where he was pronounced dead,

apparently of brain injuries.

In his statement to the police and an

assistant district attorney, Mr. Lewis

said he had previously beaten Frank on

several occasions, but “the good-fornothing

brat would just never mind his


When officers arrived at the man’s

home, they found the apartment overrun

with insects. “It was a real condition

of squalor,” said Stan Conklin, a

spokesman for the Los Angeles County

district attorney’s office. A neighbor,

who agreed to speak on a condition

of anonymity, told reporters at the

scene that Mr. Lewis’ wife had disappeared

months before and that he often

left the children alone.

The other two children, though suffering

from what appeared to be malnutrition

and severe neglect, were

unharmed, although the daughter was

being examined for sexual abuse. They

were immediately taken into custody by

Child Protection Services and placed

in temporary foster homes.


Slowly refolding the news article and placing it back in the book,

she hears the haunting cadence of her father’s voice as it rushes in and

fills up the dark recesses of her mind.


“No one will ever hurt you, angel. I promise,” he would whisper

while caressing her, often lying naked on the bed beside her. “Even

though there are three of you, I promise to always love you best.

You’re the only one that matters. I don’t even have a use for those

other two.” 

Her hand now shaking, she picks up the razor blade and, just like

the day before and the day before that, she repeatedly slices the top of

her thigh until she can no longer distinguish one pain from the other.




Abandoned at birth, 16 year old Sophie is convinced she’s a ‘toss- away’, much like the residents of the nursing home where she has just taken her first job. Finding purpose among theses seniors sounded like a good idea at the time, but lessons in dying aren’t what she had in mind. Sophie has second thoughts until an introduction to a woman who hasn’t spoken in 20 years entices her to stay put.

Now determined to break the woman’s silence, Sophie gets more than she bargained for when an unforeseen gift propels her on a journey through an ugly past and brings her face-to-face with a dreadful secret.


Robin and I would love to hear from you, so please feel free to leave a comment.



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