Sharon Love Cook – A Deadly Christmas Carol

This week, I’m pleased host cartoonist and author of the Granite Cove mysteries, Sharon Love Cook.


I am a writer and cartoonist living north of Boston. At my first writing job, I got to combine the two: At seventeen, I was a correspondent for the Gloucester Daily Times‘ (MA) supplement the Cape Ann Summer Sun, where I wrote about jelly fish invasions and volleyball tournaments. More recently, I’ve gotten to illustrate the covers of my Granite Cove mysteries: A Nose for Hanky Panky and A Deadly Christmas Carol. Currently I’m working on book #3: Laugh ’til You Die.

“Nose” was recently translated into German by Amazon Crossing, the company’s international department. As a result, I was given 25 complimentary copies. I’d be happy to send a free copy to anyone who reads German.

A Deadly Christmas Carol

When sultry Dionne Dunbar is run down in the street one winter’s night, Granite Cove Gazette reporter Rose McNichols is the only witness. Amid Christmas preparations in the New England fishing village, Rose alone is determined to discover Dionne’s secrets. Who wanted the woman dead? Was it a member of her mediums circle . . .  or one of her black book clients?

Here is an excerpt:

She pressed her foot on the gas and, at the same time, shifted into reverse. The Jetta roared back, slamming into the barrel with a loud BAM. In the rearview mirror, she saw it topple into the street. Rose swore out loud.

At least her car was freed, she thought, driving a few yards into the road. She got out to check the damage. The barrel was on its side, papers strewn all around it. She felt for the handles and attempted to right it, but the thing was too heavy. What was it filled with—bricks?

She dropped to her knees and rolled it toward the curb. Not only was the barrel heavy but it was tall. Panting in the cold night air, she gave a final shove. The barrel rolled and at the same time dislodged a large, dark mass.

She struggled to her feet. Had she dumped a pile of clothes on the street, along with all that paper? Worse, what if it was garbage? Peering into the dark, she remembered the LED flashlight in her glove compartment. She stumbled to her car and found it among a jumble of odds and ends.

She returned and pressed the switch, aiming the tiny beam at the barrel. The light reflected off a pair of high-heeled black boots silhouetted against the snow. She moved the beam southward and discovered that the boots were attached to a body.

This time, Rose was not reluctant to wake the Chitwicks. In fact, her screams woke the entire street.


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6 Responses to Sharon Love Cook – A Deadly Christmas Carol

  1. Sandy Hemsher says:

    Nice to see an industry that supports each other. I look forward to reading a new series to me!!!!!

  2. Marja McGraw says:

    Love your cover and the book sounds like the type of story I enjoy. I’m glad Evelyn “introduced” us.

  3. Sharon,
    I absolutely loved “A Nose for Hanky Panky” and “A Deadly Christmas Carol” and I’m thrilled to read that you’re working on a third book. Please be sure to let me know the minute “Laugh ’til You Die” is available.

  4. Welcome to my blog, Sharon. It’s great to have you as a guest author.

  5. Ken Hicks says:

    I like that cover! It establishes a nice tone.

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