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This week, I’m hosting author, Suzanne Burke.

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Suzanne Burke, a native of Richmond, Virginia currently lives in a suburb of Dallas, Texas, with her retired racing greyhounds. She has more than ten years’ experience working with the greyhound breed as a volunteer for the Greyhound Adoption League of Texas. Suzanne also has more than 15 years’ experience in the information technology field in project management and technical writing.

Logan and the Mystical Collar

Logan the greyhound is off on another exciting adventure! After he is given a special birthday gift—a collar adorned with hieroglyphics, found in an old dusty antique shop—Logan is miraculously transported to the land of Ancient Egypt. He finds himself along the Nile River outside of the seaport city of Alexandria, where he meets a famous royal figure and her regal greyhounds. Together, they discover the mysteries and secrets of the Pharos lighthouse, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Logan also illustrates a powerful lesson in leadership when he challenges his nemesis Zeus, a muscular greyhound and the queen’s bodyguard, in the biggest, most important race of his life!

Written in Logan’s voice, Logan and the Mystical Collar is a story of courage, friendship, and perseverance. Readers will cheer for big-hearted Logan as he overcomes bullying, gains the trust of strangers, and helps change the world of those around him. Children and adults will learn many intriguing facts about historical Ancient Egypt, and children can gain valuable life lessons on how to deal with bullying.

Ages 7 and up. Contains illustrations and educational projects at the end for children to expand their vocabulary, critical thinking and creative writing skills.

Here is an excerpt:

I opened my eyes to the view of rich sands along the banks of a beautiful flowing river. Several greyhounds were sunning themselves on the sandy shore, while others were wading in the cool blue water. Where exactly was I and how did I get here? I was struggling to get my bearings when suddenly I heard a melodic voice speak. All the greyhounds perked up their ears and dashed toward the source of the voice. A graceful figure emerged from the distance. Was this a mirage? Was I really seeing a beautiful young woman? And who was she?

She was picturesque standing on the riverbank with a towering muscular black dog by her side. All the greyhounds seemed cautious in this dog’s presence. The woman was draped in flowing white fabric, and golden trinkets adorned her arms and hair. She snapped her fingers and the other greyhounds ran to greet her, wagging their long, slender tails. The woman knelt down, accepted the showering kisses the greyhounds offered her, and giggled at their affection.

She gradually stood up, cocked her head slightly, and with curiosity asked me to come to her. She seemed to come from royalty, commanding such respect from this group of greyhounds. I wondered whether they belonged to her.

I began to walk slowly toward her, being careful not to show my bravado too boldly in front of the imposing black greyhound, which didn’t budge from her side. He had a piercing stare and his eyes did not back down from mine, as I carefully approached the young woman. I did not feel any fear—quite the opposite. I felt more curiosity than anything. Who was she, and who was the big black greyhound?

“Tell me, fair one, what is your name?” the young woman asked, curiously. I was mesmerized by her beauty and thought she looked like a goddess. Was she talking to me?

“Uh, uh, my name is Logan,” I stammered.

“You have such fair colored fur, not like the others. From where do you come?” she inquired. As I looked around at all the other greyhounds now surrounding her, I became acutely aware that I was the only golden-colored greyhound. Why were all the other greyhounds black and gray? I hadn’t noticed this before.

“Logan, that’s such an unusual name. You are not Egyptian,” she said.

Huh? Egyptian? Of course, I was not Egyptian—I am an American! Still unsure of my surroundings, I was growing more confused by the minute. This was a weird place with very different looking people, but the greyhounds looked the same as my brothers and sisters at home. Otherwise, nothing else seemed familiar. I could see only beaches and black rich soil stretching for long distances and lots of blue flowing water. On one side of the river were very fertile lands of vegetation. The other side was starkly different, with red sand that seemed to go on for miles.

“Logan, where were you just now? You seemed to escape into some kind of deep thought,” the young woman asked.

“I was just surveying my surroundings. I am trying to figure out where I am,” I said.

“Logan, you are in Egypt, land of the Pharaohs, and I will be one of them someday,” she replied with a warm smile.

Pharaohs? Holy moly! They don’t have Pharaohs anymore, or at least I didn’t think so. I remember momma reading us a children’s story about Cleopatra just the other night, and this place sure seemed like what was described in the story. Could it be? If so, how did I get here?

“Logan, pay attention! We must move quickly to my quarters, lest you be seen, as you are a rare one and we don’t want you in any danger,” the woman commanded.

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  3. L. Nahay says:

    What a great concept! I worked with retired racers in school, and my sister has only ever had greyhounds for canine pets. It’s wonderful to finally see one in the lead for a children’s book.

  4. Thanks for being a guest on my blog this week, Suzanne. Love dogs and stories with dogs in them. Great book cover.

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