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This week I’m pleased to host fellow Wings author, Kevin Richardson.

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A retired Australian journalist, Kev spent many years touring the world, writing travel articles for airline magazines. His many adventures and misadventures became the bases for his several Action/Adventure novels.

Several biographies of significant people have also come from Kev’s busy pen.

Two works have been finalists in the International EPIC Awards and all twenty-three novels have been awarded by professional reviewers, either 5 Stars or 5+ or 5++ Stars. Two, however, received from Conger Book Reviews USA, its first and only 10 Stars out of 5 reviews!!!

All works are available in Paperback or eBook.

Kev is twice married and now enjoys single life, writing on his experiences and studies, relaxing in the Himalayan foothills of exotic Thailand.

What If? 

Had Hitler not stabbed Russia in the back by attacking it in 1941, the face of the entire world could, today, be markedly different. Surely he would have been the stronger had he continued using the support of Russia’s millions working with him, than against him.

In that year, Britain was helplessly unable to further defend itself against the blitzkrieg that had already sacked Europe. Leaving Britain to maintain its manufacturing power, deliberately creating an eastern front as well as his western, was a dreadful mistake.

Without Britain, there could have been no D-Day and no US forces in Europe. Instead of shooting itself in the foot, denying itself the ability to back-up its ally Japan, in the Pacific, today’s world could be an entirely different place. Both the USA and Australia could be experiencing a vastly different life.

 Here is an excerpt:

Britain in mid 1941 was already helplessly staggering.

Factories had hurriedly converted manufacture of non-military goods to defensive armaments, and while German bombers rapidly reduced Britain’s manufacturing abilities, its agricultural produce was directed first to the military, leaving the civilian population suffering hunger pains. Its colonies began shipping tons of food and supplies, yet German U-boats sent increasing numbers of supply ships to the Atlantic Ocean’s sea bed, along with America’s shipments of desperately needed armaments.

Why Hitler, with all France’s northern seaports at his disposal, didn’t invade, has remained a quandary. Had his astoundingly easy successes in subjugating even more of Europe than had the Romans two thousand years prior, made him overconfident? It seems history proved that possibility, right.

So what would have been the war’s course had he not turned on Russia at that time but invaded defenceless Britain? Can we imagine what the combined might of the Axis Bloc’s multi-millions have done once Britain was out of the war? There could have been no D-Day and no US troop forces in Europe.

And could the United States as readily have outmatched Japan’s manufacturing if Germany had then, been supporting Japan against it?



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6 Responses to Kevin Richardson – What If?

  1. Michael & Rosalie Dean says:

    Revelling in Richardson’s Writings.
    Always exciting. Always an education. Always a great read. Always engrossing.
    A true historian with clearly impeccable research tools. He transports his readers right into the very pages of his numerous and varied books. One slips right into the time, place and vivid pictures which he paints. He certainly spins thoroughly enjoyable yarns and his characters remain vividly and memorably etched in the mind.
    One comes away from his writings much better informed than one might have imagined possible because of his attention to interesting and fascinating detail.
    Is their any wonder he continues to enjoy such acclaim ?
    We have read every one of his novels/sequels and can’t wait for his latest offerings.

  2. Joan C. Powell says:

    *** I believe I’ve read almost every book Kev has ever published. Why? Because he is one of my most favored authors. If you like to read true history…put Richardson on your reading list. They don’t come any better.

  3. Joan C. Powell says:


  4. An interesting excerpt. Lots of good wishes as you launch this book into the public realm. Thank you for wetting our appetites.

  5. Marja McGraw says:

    Fascinating! Great excerpt, and this sounds like an excellent book. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Thanks for being a guest author on my blog, Kev. Wishing you success with your new novel.

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