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My guest author this week is, Sue Myers

After retiring from a long career as a L & D and NICU RN, Sue went from birthing babies to dead bodies. To Sue, this seemed like a logical progression. When she is not killing people, just on paper of course, she can be found in her garden or quilting. Her husband often wonders what’s in the mulch pile. Sue and her husband, Gene, live in Mundelein, IL, with their cats and a backyard full of squirrels, chipmunks and birds. She gave birth to Deception in December 2013, and plans to deliver Revenge fall of 2014.

Good morning! And, a special thanks to Evelyn, for inviting me to her blog.

Well, once again it’s April, north of Chicago, near the Wisconsin border. Last year we were enjoying an early spring. Not so this year. The Daffodils are barely opening their blooms. The neighbors are out walking and my cats are sniffing the yard. BUT, yes, there’s always a ‘but’ when it comes to April in the Midwest. The sun can go into hiding as dark clouds and thunder roll in and the promised warm temperature plummets back to the lower 40’s. Pets and humans retreat inside.

I’m an optimist. April is like the refresh button on my computer. Mother Nature will give it a tap and the sun will reappear after a storm leaving us greener grass. Okay, today I might not be able to rake the yard, but with a fresh cup of coffee I feel inspired to write. The thunder and dark clouds add the background setting for emotion and suspense. The rain keeps me grounded to my chair. I’m as hungry as the next person to take a few laps around the neighborhood and plant my new Peony bushes. However, my characters in Revenge, the second book of the Claire O’Shaunessy Mystery Series, are begging to be heard. Is it fair to keep them waiting? After all, there’s a mystery to solve, a serial stalker/killer to stop and two fair maidens to save!


When the body of an unknown male is linked to the remains of Cook County forensic pathologist, Dr. Claire O’Shaunessy’s childhood friend found in a rural cemetery, she is driven to solve these two murders. Her involvement in the investigation soon places her in mortal danger as she begins to discover a plot where money and power override human life. Can her brother, Detective Patrick O’Shaunessy and his partner, Jack Miller, keep her safe or will Claire become the next victim of this ruthless killer’s deception?

Here is an excerpt:

“Claire, I want you to work up the case O’Connor just brought in from Jackson Park.” Dr. Gregory Johnson said as he dropped the file on Claire’s desk. Dr. Johnson wasChicago’s Cook County Medical Examiner and Claire’s friend and mentor, but at the moment, he was all business. “Because the media is all over this, the Police Department has asked me to move John Doe to the front of the line,” Johnson continued.

“Okay,” said Dr. Claire O’Shaunessy, a forensic pathologist. She opened the file and scanned the top sheet. “I see our John Doe was vacationing by a patch of buckthorn. Personally, I prefer a warm, sunny beach.”

“Be forewarned the media is already barking at the back door. Please don’t give them anything I’m going to hear about on the five o’clock news.” He gave her a look that wouldn’t bear discussing.

“Me?” She tried to feign innocence.

“Claire, you’re killing me. Sometimes you don’t think before you open your mouth. I’m still catching flak from the comment you made about the floater inLakeCalumet.”

“I didn’t know the reporter was disguised as a tech, honest? Okay, I’ll keep a lid on it.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know,” Johnson said. “Anyway, the folks around here love their barbeques and picnics. They don’t take too kindly to decomposing bodies showing up in their local parks.”

“I don’t suppose you wanted this yesterday?”

Dr. Johnson laughed. “How could I? He was only discovered at sunrise. Get back to me as soon as you’ve got something, okay?”

“I’ll take care of it.” In spite of her career, she couldn’t imagine enjoying a picnic one minute, then chasing a stray baseball into the bushes only to discover a rotting corpse.

“Thanks.” Johnson’s cell phone rang. “This is Johnson. I understand.” He flipped his phone closed. “Gotta run, Claire. I’ll check in with you later.”

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What helps drive you back to your writing when spring beckons?

Please feel free to leave a comment. Both Sue and I would love to hear from you.



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4 Responses to Sue Myers – Deception

  1. Marja McGraw says:

    Terrific post, and it sounds like a book I’d like to read. I’ll add it to my TBR list.

    I live in Arizona where it’s already in the 90s, so your description of Illinois is breathtaking.

    • Sue Myers says:

      Thank you for tuning in to Evelyn’s blog. The Grand Canyon is breathtaking, but Chicago’s weather is challenging! It keeps the weathermen employed. I confess to be a Weather Channel junkie. Around here, weather shapes our lives. DECEPTION takes place in mid to late October. Our gorgeous falls make us forget the heat, wind and cold. REVENGE starts one hour after DECEPTION ends, so you will still have crisp fall nights and cold rain. Enjoy your sandals, for in REVENGE Claire will be running through bitter cold rain barefoot to save her life and another victim’s.

      Have a great day and stay cool! Sue Myers,

  2. Cleo Lampos says:

    Can really appreciate your description of spring in Illinois as I live in Cook County, which is featured in your book! Love the names of your characters. It sounds like a good read. Blessings on you as you write the next one. Keep gardening and quilting.

    • Sue Myers says:

      Thank you Cleo for your comment. Between the hail we had up here in northern Illinois on Saturday and yesterday’s snowfall, I think Mother Nature should spend time in detention! I really enjoyed using Chicago, Cook County and LaSalle County as my backdrop. Half the fun is field trips for research. I even send Claire off with one of the bad guys, and you’ll recognize the roads!

      Have a great day and stay warm! Sue Myers,

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